Monday, July 4, 2011

Knitted Dishcloth

I know I post almost nothing but paper creations here, but I have many more craft hobbies and decided to share :) I have been knitting afghans for several years now after learning from a dear neighbor (thank you Miss Jane!)who has since passed away :( I taught myself to crochet last year with a very ambitious baby layette set for my cousin. It turned out pretty adorable if I do say so myself ;) Anyhoo, I receive emails from Lion Brand Yarn and they always feature the cutest projects, so I decided to give some a go. This is one of the MANY dishcloth patterns and it uses the "star" stitch, which was new to me.

I love how it turned out and it will surely be more durable than the cheap cloths I buy at Walmart...BUT I'm so afraid of messing it up after all that work, I believe it will remain a decoration in my kitchen LOL Hope you are inspired to knit/crochet something of your own now. Thanks so much for visiting!!!

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  1. You are one talented lady!! I tried to teach myself to crochet last year - decided to rather keep playing to my strenghts:)


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