Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chocolate Chip Mini Bundt

My kids and husband complain because I am always making special goodies for OTHERS and they don't get treats often enough LOL So today I decided to make a lil something just for them :)

Our pantry is overflowing with cake mixes from my coupon adventures so I just made a basic yellow cake and added some chocolate chips  My husband LOVES chocolate chips...he eats them by the handful right out of the bag! And to make it seem like I made more of an effort than I actually did *shhhh dont tell* I baked the cakes in these super cute mini bundt pans I purchased ages ago and have NEVER used *insert embarrassed smiley*

I think they turned out quite nicely and as they are all gobbled up, I would say my family agrees!

Thanks for go make something yummy for someone you love :)

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