Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Strawberry Jam

Whew! I finally got my strawberry jam made today. My DH has been anxiously awaiting his treat LOL I remember the first year I made preserves and he said, "I HATE preserves" and I said, "Honey, this isnt store bought jam-just give it a chance". Well, he absolutely loves it-eats it right off of the spoon. No matter how much I make, my family goes through it too fast. What a wonderful feeling it is to have your hard work appreciated :~) Anyway I picked the berries on Saturday and the crop was very good this year. If you are local, I recommend Shaw's Orchards. You even get to ride the wagon out to the patch! Fresh strawberries are perfect for pies, shortcake or right out of the bowl . And @ $1.50/pound you can't beat it! If you've never made preserves/jam because you thought it was too hard or time consuming-you MUST try this method. Freezer jam is very simple and you just screw on the lids-no complicated water baths etc. You can find all the details and watch an instructional video here.

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