Friday, June 12, 2009

Repurposing My Spice Rack

So I am NOT one of those papercrafters that is fortunate enough to have a separate room or studio to work in :( I have a small space in my kitchen/dining area. Well as I continue to accumulate more & more, it has become necessary to rethink/reorganize this space. Although it took some time, it feels REALLY good to know where a certain tool or paper pack is when I need it. No more searching and subsequent frustration. I gave my father the design for this spice rack several years ago and he built it for me. I painted it and cross stitched the little door panel. While it was cute to look at, the glass jars with hinged lids weren't very convenient for actually using the spices. SO I decided to hang it in my scramp area and put buttons and paper flowers in the jars instead. I like it!!! :~)

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