Thursday, May 14, 2009

Emma & the Easter Bunny

I FINALLY got some ink for my printer and my scanner is working again! Now I can finish up some layouts I've been trying to complete the last couple of months.

I was so thrilled when Emma worked up the courage to sit with the Easter Bunny! She hasn't done it since her first year as an infant. Her big sister Brittany and I had to prep her for weeks. We explained how she would get an easter surprise (MLP or Littlest Pet Shop, of course) and that this bunny was super sweet. Em had her eyes covered at first, but then got very brave and we now have this ADORABLE photo. Her Dad & I were very proud of her!!

Supplies used: "Sweet Pea" papers; clear sparkles; Just Blooms Big Pinks flowers; Spring craft buttons; blush ricrac; twine.

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  1. Oh how sweet!! Gosh, is she really that big now? Oh how time really does fly!! Nice that you are capturing it like you do!


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